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Your Trusted Cyber Security Partner

Your Trusted Cyber Security Partner

Company focused to provide professional services to organization and helps them to build control against cybercrime, protect business critical data and reduce cyber risk.

CYBERFORT offers Cyber Security management professional services


We have experienced & qualified Information Security Management professionals on our board. The professionals bring in with them more than two decades of rich industry experience. The professionals have proven track record of technical, tactical, managerial skills and have served senior strategical role in various multinational, government and banking industry.


Infrastructure Security Assessment

With ever increasing threat landscape, the organisations technical system infrastructure are subject to internal abuse and external attacks. To ensure the organisations infrastructure has maintained security, regular system audits are mandated by organisations Board / Top management to be inline with countries regulatory framework. At Cyberfort we can co-work with you to meet such regulatory requirement and ensuring systems security is maintained, and controls are functioning as intended. .

Review Of Enterprise Security Architecture

“Organisations cyber security is good if the underlying cyber ecosystem architecture design is good” the Network infrastructure (viz. the network deployment using segmentation technique is the key), selection of Operating system infrastructure, the deployment of security devices (viz. the FireWall, the WebApplication FireWall, Unified Threat Module etc.) to protect the critical business assets needs to be well designed for system ecosystem fortification. We at CyberFort can co-work with your team to move to the target architecture (inline with various regulatory framework requirement) to enhance the system ecosystem fortification.

System Audits Of Application System Security & Control

Any change introduced in systems ecosystem (viz, application, network, operating system, security devices etc.) may lead the introduction of potential vulnerabilities in the environment. CyberFort Pentest experts will help you identify such vulnerability and any exploits thereto. Experts will provide you necessary advisory to help fix such vulnerability based on cost benefit proposition, such that the vulnerability is no more exploitable.

Training and Certification

At Cyberfort we provide individual training for Certifications to aspirants who are keen in taking up Cyber Security and allied services as their career choice. Further, we also provide tailor made corporate training covering Security Awareness, Data protection, IT Governance, Information Risk Management, Cyber Security Management, Cloud Security, Blockchain security domains as per needs.

Solution & Consultancy Service

In order to support the organizations in their Digital Transformation journey and adoption of emerging technologies like AI, ML, IOT, BlockChain, BigData in a secure manner, we are providing solution and consultancy services in a cost effective with a high value to the organizations:

  • Digital Transformation - security and controls design considerations and implementation assistance

  • Assist in Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and EU GDPR implementation

  • Blockchain Initiatives - Security and Controls assurance services

  • Assist in 3rd party Cyber Security products & services selection & implementation

Strengthening your Data Security

Fortifying Digital Security